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Our Story

ZOe Med-Tech Logo 11_22_2021.png

 ZӦe Med Tech Academy is committed to teach and train individuals to be qualified to assist physicians in an office setting to perform those functions that are vital to the assessment and diagnosis of patients who seek care in an ambulatory setting. Having hired Certified Medical Assistants taught at other schools, Dr. Stephanie Kong decided to start her own school because the new graduates she hired lacked certain fundamental skills such as basic math that is required for dosing; understanding weights and measures; understanding the normative and non-normative implications of vital signs. The ZÖe Med-Tech curriculum has been designed not only to address the core curriculum as delineated by GNPEC, but will enhance it to ensure that graduates will positively impact the practices they belong to.

The successful student will be qualified to measure and report vital signs, perform simple routine procedures and to provide immunizations and medications as ordered by the physician and or their designee.

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